Erhuguanyin Help

ErhuGuanyin are erhu tuner and interval trainer application. Please run it on Windows7 or later.

Tuning by ears. By clicking  button, you can play or stop playing the standard tone of D4 of inside string or A4 of outside string. If you have perfect ears, you can tune your erhu just with this method.

Tuning by microphone. You can use the meter located in the left-top area of the window to check the pitches of the open strings.

IntervIal exercising. Play the erhu and watch the spectrum that can tell you the accuracy of the pitch. The colored blocks flowing from bottom to top shows the errors of the pitch. You can also select the key of the music by the popup menu (shown bellow). 

Harmonics. H is the fundamental position, which can be the open string or the note pressed by the first finger. The numbers  (3 4 5 8 (3 4 5) are the positions to touch lightly. The numbers shown by inverted color (3 4 5) mean that the solid pitch is the same as harmonics pitch at these positions. By clicking H You can move it to any position(note), and you can play then by clicking the numbers.

Metronome function. Click button to show the Metronome Dialog.

"Set Parameter" dialog.  Click .

Repeatable Recording. This function can make you easier to operate the recorder buttons, while you playing. Clickingto start recording. When you do this, the button is changed to . Clickingto play back the data recorded newly. You can click to save the data you recorded to file. You can specify the length of the recording time on the "Set Parameter" dialog, also you can select repeatable recording mode to not.

Player. The popup-menu can be shown by right-clicking the button of the mouse on the spectrum-view. Selecting "Show Player" from the popup-menu can show the Player dialog as below. You can play the music file to check if the pitch is accuracy.


Erhu Readings

Erhu Position Figure

Erhu Key Transition Table

Erhu Natural Harmonics Table

List Of Musical Symbols

How To Set Erhu Qianjin


How To Do Rolling Vibrato


Just Intonation, Pythagorean Tuning


Equal temperament/Pythagorean Tuning/Just Intonation 
Comparison Table (cent)

Equal temperament

Pythagorean Tuning

Just Intonation

C 2 0/12 = 1.0000 (0) 1/1=1(0) 1/1=1.0000 (0)
D 2 2/12 = 1.1225 (200) 9/8=1.125(204) 9/8=1.1250 (204)
E 2 4/12 = 1.2599 (400) 81/64=1.2656(408) 5/4=1.2500 (386)
F 2 5/12 = 1.3348 (500) 4/3=1.3333(498) 4/3=1.3333 (498)
G 2 7/12 = 1.4983 (700) 3/2=1.5(702) 3/2=1.5000 (702)
A 2 9/12 = 1.6818 (900) 27/16=1.6875(906) 5/3=1.6667 (884)
B 2 11/12 = 1.8877 (1100) 243/128=1.8984(1110) 15/8=1.8750 (1088)
C 2 12/12 = 2.0000 (1200) 2/1=2(1200) 2/1=2.0000 (1200)